Waiting for the dust to settle.

(Warning, there are spoilers in this Blog. If you live in a cave and aren’t caught up on Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, don’t keep reading.)

Happy Wednesday!! The week is halfway over!


(Yes, I’m wearing pink…but it’s just a coincidence okay..)

Good news!!! It seems that the first book will be out late October!! Yippie! But, we all know nothing actually happens like it’s supposed to, so I won’t get my hopes up too much.

This week has been BUSY! Email, after email, after email…..

Last week the Hubs smooshed his car. So now I have had the pleasure of dealing with the car insurance companies all week. You probably know how that goes.


OH boy is it fun! Besides the insurance companies, I have been trying to make sure everything is perfect for the book.

Not only have I been working on book two and another side project, but I’ve also been talking to my editors and publishers. Apparently, my editor wants me to change the ending…but I’m evil, and I refuse. I’ll admit it,  I love cliffhangers. My editor says my readers will want a “happy ending”. Sorry lady, but have you ever watched any t.v show, or read any book in the history of forever? Because if you have, you would realize by now people love to be tortured. Myself included.

Take Jon Snow for example…

jon snow

I’m sorry, but people almost rioted in the streets over that cliffhanger, and they still came back for more. I agree that there is a certain degree of torturing your readers or they’ll just give up on you. But for the most part, a cliffhanger keeps things interesting.

Speaking of cliffhangers….lucile

I don’t know about you, that was a pretty intense scene. But people still watch the show!! Everyone says they hate cliffhangers, but it’s just too much fun to leave people hanging!

So now that I’ve added my love for Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, I’ll get to the point….

Should we always wait for the dust to settle? No. Life is a cliffhanger. We never know what’s going to happen next, and it sure as heck isn’t always going to go our way. Why do we always wait for things to calm down? Then when things don’t go smoothly we always say, “it’s one thing after another.”

It is! It’s always something! But that’s what life is about, right? If things didn’t keep us on our toes, life would be boring. Should we always wait for the dust to settle before taking a leap, or moving on?



Don’t wait. Jump in!

Even if you fail, at least you tried.

Do what you want, and don’t wait for the “right time”

Maybe this week take the opportunity to learn something new. Have you always wanted to play piano or learn another language, but never thought you had the time? Take a class, or buy an app on your phone. Have you been thinking of applying for your dream job but think it’s not the right time? It’s never going to be the right time!

do it

Apply for that new position. Learn to play a new instrument. Write a book! Whatever it is you’re thinking of doing, try.

The things we regret in life won’t be the things we tried, but the things we didn’t try.

We aren’t going to be old and gray saying, “I’m so glad I never tried anything new.”

Enjoy the wonderful cliffhanger we call life.

Don’t wait for the dust to settle!

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