NaNoWriMo and the craziness that is my scatterbrain!


Halloween was a bunch of craziness, starting Saturday night with the friends, and ending Monday with the kids.


Yep…that’s me dressed as Ursula, and the best friend is a scarecrow. We had all kinds of shenanigans!

Then on Monday we took the kids in the freezing cold (anything under 60 is freezing to me) and I finally got working on book 2 Yesterday.

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate I entered into this years #NaNoWriMo. For those of you who don’t speak the lingo, that stands for National Novel Writing Month, and hosts a writing event that helps authors, bloggers, and writers alike reach their word count goals.

The word goal that’s set is 50,000 words. You basically have one month to write an entire novel, or in my case, a rough draft of one. My first novel Heir to Gold and Ashes is 100,000 words, give or take a few words, and it took me months to write. So why in the world do I think I can do another in just one month?!

Honestly, it’s because I’ve really been slacking lately and I think Nano will help boost my motivation. I’ve been getting feedback in the last week since my book came out and people already want book two! I have been working on drafting it, but I’ve been so busy and unmotivated I haven’t worked on the sequels much.

That all stops now! Hopefully (key word being hopefully) by the end of the month I will have a fully drafted novel ready for editing!

So, of course, today is November 2nd and what have I done? Have I been planning? Plotting? Setting up an intricate layout for my book? NO! I decided to clean out my room and do a whole new bedroom set. Ughhh, what was I thinking???  Apparently, my brain thought my life wasn’t hectic enough and I needed another project on my plate.


So here I am, writing every chance I get, sanding down nightstands, cutting plywood to fit onto our new bed frame, and painting.


It’s coming together a little better now, but just so you know an Egyptian King and Cal King are NOT the same thing! So when a salesperson tells you an Egyptian King mattress will fit a Cal King frame…They’re WRONG!!

I should seriously know better by now. I guess I’ll never learn!

So after all our Halloween fun, recovering from a candy hangover, and breaking a few fingernails while assembling a bed set, I can finally say I’m ready to get to work!

Wish me luck! Hopefully, the next time I write a blog post it will be because I’m jumping for joy that another book has been written in the #Blackwoodwitchtrilogy