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I don’t know how many times I sat down and began with…”Ashley Hay is an award winning blah, blah, blah.” I absolutely hate writing about myself in the third person. So there’s something you just learned about me!

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But on a more serious note, in my spare time I enjoy sipping a cocktail while floating down the river, writing, reading, art in any form, and science. Every other time I’m usually busy workin in the OR and studying for nursing exams.

While taking pre-requisites for my local nursing program, I rediscovered my infatuation for writing. As a young child, from the time I could hold a pen (yes pen, I hate pencils for some odd reason) I was creating stories and crafting other dimensions. I feel a sense of peace at being able to put a piece of myself into everything I write. I struggled with depression most of my life, and writing offered me a way to cope. I was able to take my inner demons, put them on paper, and create a bad-ass hero to defeat them. I write mostly Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, and Romance novels where the hero doesn’t always win right away.  But that’s life. We don’t always get what we want. And neither do my characters.

I love to connect with fans, bloggers, and other authors in any genre. If anyone would like me to add a link to their blog or book, giveaways or contests they may be having, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter, e-mail, message, or follow me on Facebook (I’m not much of a twitter person). If you decide to follow me on Instagram, be prepared for a lot of pictures of my pug or a cup of coffee.

Again, thank you for browsing through my website. If you got this far, congratulations! You know more about me now! I hope to hear from you soon…unless you clicked on this page to send me hate mail. In that case, you’re definitely in the wrong place.