Curse of Gold and Ashes (Blackwood Witch Series Book 2)

Curse of Gold and Ashes.

“The asylum is dank and suffocating.

Voices whisper sweet nothings in her ear, forcing her sanity to teeter on the edge of oblivion.

Her new reality is far from perfect. Charlie’s twisted mind is plagued with dreams of blood magic, death, and the blue eyes of a man she can barely remember.

She quickly finds herself right back to where she began; marked, again, and unsure of who she can trust. After settling in with a group of unlikely allies, her world opens to dark new truths.

She discovers that the Blackwood name holds more than just old magic. Being the Heir is both a key and a curse.

Charlie needs to harness her innermost darkness now more than ever .

Dark magic, unexpected friendships, and a forbidden kingdom.

Charlie Blackwood will have to keep her soul from becoming tarnished as she sacrifices everything for a throne she never knew she needed.”