The Curse of Gold and Ashes

The Curse of Gold and Ashes.

After waking up from her coma, Charlie begins to realize her new reality at the asylum is far from perfect.

She quickly finds herself right back where she began; marked, again, and unsure of who she can trust. After settling in with a group of unlikely allies, will Charlotte finally know peace and friendship?

Will this new coven be the beginning of her new life? Or will it be the source of her destruction? She discovers that the Blackwood name holds more secrets than she ever could have imagined. Her namesake holds the possibility to be the key to all her questions, or a curse she’ll never be rid of.

She feels the darkness more now than ever. If she is ever going to defeat the approaching demons she’ll need to harness her inner darkness as a weapon.

Dark magic, unexpected friendships, and a forbidden kingdom.

Powerful enemies will try to take what she has, and she will have to keep her soul from becoming tarnished in the battle for a throne she never knew she wanted.